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ACL- Festival Review

YOO! this is wild. But a dude from a small town in Texas, just played one the biggest music festivals in the world!

I never set out on a musical journey to play " ACL" but it certainly was on the radar. Being invited by C3 was a huge surprise and honor. We played Weekend 1 on Sunday 10/8/23 and if you were in attendance, thank you. We shared a hell of a moment together.

Load in:

Load In began at 10 am with a full vehicle inspection... ( HFS ). I literally had just smoked a fat, Travis County Hoglegg, and they made sure to let me know they knew hahaha. Once the police and k9 realized the only thing we had in the Van was some Stoners and instruments we were granted access to the festival.

After about 15 min of asking everyone and their mother about the location of our stage, we managed to get all of us to the same place and on time. RARE. The festival stage hands were amazing, they were simply there to serve the festival and stage and make sure everything ran seemless! SHOUT OUT TO THE STAGE CREW AT IGH W1.

Sound Check:

Sound check was sound check! We played a ton of notes and noodles but eventually settled in ran a few songs. We sounds great. The stage mix was killer and I was having a GREAT TONE DAY, compliments to Texas Tone AMPS!

SET TIME: We played at noon for just under an hour ( sorry folks haha, we were on a sick one. ) We played no covers but got to almost get in most of our Catalogue. There were the classic bangers off the first record PHFCS and we nailed most of the new record, including the first single, Honky Tonk Aint Noise Pollution. The entire band went TF off and before we knew it, we were tearing down and making room for Randall King to go on and do his thing. We did it. We made it to the fest, and played a killer set for our fans and new fans. I even got asked to sign a few things and take some photos. What a day to remember.

Post Set Hangs: We were treated to a space ( trailer ) green room of our own that we deemed home base. We hit as many spots as we could. Thank you Wrangler for the clean custom Jacket! I had to have the band loaded up and back on the road to Nashville the following day. I dipped out around 8:30 happier than a pig in shit.

Conclusion: c3 is an amazing company and throws a hell of a festival, they treat the artist with amazing hospitaltity and grace. Honorable mentions to my Manager, Jake Reighard of 6AMGMT and agent, Chris Rhoades of Atomic Music Group. Also to Mitch Ballard at BMI for all the help along the way. It takes a village and Im thrilled to have yall in my corner.


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