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Album Release

It's almost here!! We busted our asses to get this out into the ether. I want to thank my players / bandmates and friends who helped make the music come alive. Shout out to Sam Norris, Cole Beddingfield, Austin Roach, Adam Duran, Kyle Ponder, Patrick Herzfeld, Jon Grossman.

This was our first Album that will be available on Vinyl, I'm not sure why but there seems to be some illegitimate validation behind that. We certainly made some tremendous strides and milestones but I still feel the same. Still that same Hungry Honky lookin to put my music out to the masses and play iconic stages. ACL was a trip, never thought in 1,000,000,000 years a kid from Matagorda county would play that, much less front that band on that bill.

This Friday couldn't come quick enough. We're so stoked to finally get out our second record. Tour stops for Spring and Summer are slowly coming down the pipe, so be sure and grab some tickets then get your ass to the show!

-- Ellis

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