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Hot New Tunes by Ellis Bullard

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Sup Folks! It's Ellis, here! Im putting this post up to let ya'll in on all the happenings with out first Record. This 8 song LP is titled, Piss Hot-Freightlinin' Country Music. The LP boast powerful contributions from Production / Performance from Studio / Stage monsters like, Wyatt Dean Lankford, Adam Duran, Dillon Sampson, Patrick Herzfeld, Kevin Foster, Burton Lee, Sam " Rusty " Norris and Ellis.

A special shout out to Patrick over at Signal Hill Studios for a killer recording experience and awesome product.

  1. Biloxi By Two

  2. Chasing Numbers

  3. Roller Coaster

  4. Gina Walker " Hopeless Waltz" ( written by Adam Duran )

  5. Back To My Roots

  6. Stubborn Man ( written by Adam Duran )

  7. Unwound

  8. Rock Bottom Again

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1 Comment

Dora Aubin
Dora Aubin
Feb 19, 2023

Hi there, this is just to let you know the consensus from Kim’s party is that y’all are friggin’ awesome ! And it’s not even over - I just had to leave earlier, unfortunately. Just such n amazing night on every level. Congratulations again on your deal! Remember to put Kim’s mac n cheese in your rider! You’ve worked hard to reach the ‘bacon bits/chives homemade and loaded level -NO GOING BACK! Best wishes for every success! Dora

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